simplydalektable replied to your post: I want to know more about your friend and the shipping! If you don’t mind?

hahahahah omfg that is awesome! one of my friends used to ship my best male friend and I (even though I have a boyfriend.) It got to where we’d just play it up, though, and constantly pretend to be IN FORBIDDEN LOVE.

Hahahahaha xD except we’re both straight females. Savannah has accepted it but I’m still pulling a John >:U

Hahahahah, I seriously can’t stop giggling over this!!! Lu and I do this to our friends Damien and Simon (not their real names) all the time; we even got drunk and wrote a fanfic about them once. It drives Damien nuts so sometimes I will try to be a better person and not make gay jokes but HE’S SO FUNNY WHEN HE’S PISSED OFF I CAN’T HELP MYSELF.

Also I ship Lu and I to the max (even though I still have the same boyfriend, we make an excellent AU pairing ok) and I have drawn fanart of us.

I don’t know, the point is, crack ships and irl ships are hilarious and fun?

This is only going to encourage her to write that fanfic dear lord


hahahahah omg I am sorry!!!! it’s just really funny!

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